Zion's Youth Choir 2011


This was my first time recording using a full surround setup. I decided to invite some of my old college pals in on the experience and I am sure glad I did. They not only had the right gear to get the job done but were such a great help in setting up and taking down everything. I thought I had plenty of time to setup when I came in but due to some unforeseen circumstances we were delayed in getting in and only ended up with 30 minutes to run cables and get everything setup. Needless to say it felt very rushed but we got everything together in time and made a great recording. A total of 11 mics were used; two in-house overheads behind the choir, two Neumans in ORTF over a central mic plus two facing the audience mounted on a decca tree we put up, one pulpit mic, one dynamic in front of the guitar amp and two other dynamics in XY by the horns section. The choir performed in a local church building in front of several hundred people. We recorded everything into Logic on a Mac Book Pro through a Sapphire pro and Focusrite Octopre interface.We also ended up doing some of the live mixing on a little Mackie 1202 mixer I brought just in case. Mixing down to stereo for the CD was done in Protools 7.4 in my project studio. The surround mix unfortunately was never completed because I started working a new full time job shortly after recording this so I didn't have time to go down to the surround facility to do this. Enjoy listening to the tracks below.

1. Hope of Israel (3:11)
2. Season for Courage (3:18)
3. Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit (2:41)
4. Israel, Israel God is Calling (3:34)
5. The Prayer (3:36)
6. Battle of Jericho (2:08)
7. Amazing Grace (3:34)
8. Fearless Heart (3:53)
9. I Love to See the Temple (2:40)
10. God be in my Head (1:46)
11. Saints Bound for Heaven (2:31)
12. Thou Gracious God whose Mercy (3:52)