Tina Broadbent


Tina Broadbent is a talented local Bay Area singer/songwriter that I had the privilege of recording in 2006. She was accompanied by several other musicians that joined with her throughout the course of our sessions. She did several covers as well as some of her own stuff.

Here is what Tina had to say about her experience with me-

"I really enjoyed working with Jeff.  Jeff has a strong work ethic and was willing to go the extra mile throughout the entire recording process.  Jeff is knowledgeable and was very easy to work with.  He is a "details man" which is critical in this industry.  He has an ear for the minute differences and in turn produces superior sound/work.  Jeff has great communication skills and is very patient.  He took the time to help me understand more of the process instead of just telling me what to do.  He explained why he set up the equipment the way he did and exactly what he was looking for.  It was helpful for me as the musician to understand some of the recording background information so I could tailor my music to maximize the recording options (i.e. different mic sounds, different mix options etc).  Jeff did a fantastic job on this project.  He made it a lot of fun and a great learning experience.  Thank you Jeff!"

Some of Tina's songs are featured on the "Collectivity" CD, which you can listen to by clicking link in the main menu under Music Projects.