The Singing Wood Marimba Band

Singing Wood Marimba

This was one of my first big recording sessions. I was introduced to one of the members, Heidrun Hoffmann, through a family member. I offered to record them for free so I could gain experience and in return I agreed to give them copies of the final mix on CD. The Singing Wood Marimba band is centered in Santa Cruz , Ca. The main band consists of 7 members with additional players for percussion. I recorded them April 22, 2005 at Cogswell Polytechnical College. Cogswell doesn't have a very large soundstage to record in and due to the size of the instruments and number of performers I recorded them much like a choir. I had a pair of AKG c3000s in XY configuration in the middle of all the marimbas and one AKG D112 pointing towards the bass marimba. I had one additional large diaphragm n1000 mic in the hallway to record some nice hall reverb but ended up not using it in the final mix.

For this session the band performed five songs with one member playing a shaker. There were some phase issues between the left and right channels that I didn't discover until long after I had done the final mix. I knew something didn't sound right during mixing but due to my inexperience at the time and my brief familiarity of using Pro Tools I didn't know how to deal with it. Looking back on it now it would be a fairly easy fix but as they say "live and learn". It was an incredible experience to work with so many unique people and to hear their incredible music.

Listen to the songs from the list below

1. Moyo Wangu 4. Sebuhku
2. Nhimutimu 5. Wandi Baya Moyo
3. Njuzu

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