Collectivity CD

Collectivity CD Cover

Collectivity is a compilation CD featuring many of the musicians that I worked with and recorded during my college years. Almost every aspect of this CD was done completely by me except for the help I received in mastering. It was an amazing journey and I learned so much. One thing I realized is that doing an entire CD project yourself is an enormous amount of work. The artwork alone took two days and I spent well over 200 hours recording and mixing. The knowledge I gained though can only be learned through experience and that made it all worthwhile.

Listen to a sample of each song by clicking the play button next to the one you want to hear.

1. Ain't No Sunshine - Tina Broadbent 9. I Know My Redeemer Lives - Angela Wunderli
2. Let You Out, Let Me In - Peter Koehler 10. Angel from Montgomery - Tina Broadbent
3. Russian Ballad - Tina Broadbent 11. Until You Meet the Man - Peter Koehler
4. Dark Blues - G-Swell 12. Chicken Wire - G-Swell
5. Greensleeves - G-Swell 13. Sebhuku - Singing Wood Marimba
6. Amazing Grace - Tina Broadbent / Bethany Simmons 14. His Eye is on the Sparrow - Tina Broadbent / Bethany Simmons
7. Home - Tina Broadbent 15. Perfect Love- Tina Broadbent
8. Claire De Lune - Tina Broadbent 16. Relax your mind - Peter Koehler

Interested in getting the full CD or want the full version of a particular song? Send me an email by clicking on the "Contact" link in the menu.