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The Bay ENT was an independent record label that was started in mid 2006 as part of a music business class offered at Cogswell Polytechnical College. The class was instructed by C. Michael Brae, CEO of Hitman Records, who taught the basics of how to start and run your own record label. During the course of the class the students, myself included, took on various roles in the company. I took the role as Executive of Finances, and I took a secondary role as manager for the compilation CD. My responsibilities ranged from dealing with profit/loss statements, bank account management, check signer, graphic artist for the CD, MC for one event, web site domain owner, and I was the main contact for the CD duplicator. We signed 13 local hip-hop, reggae, and rock artists. The artists signed a contract allowing us to lease one or two of their songs. In return they got loads of free advertisement through radio and flyers and we had two main shows where they performed at. Our company profited by charging door fees to the events, selling the compilation CD, and by getting local businesses to donate items that we could raffle. Some of these artists like Royalty, Nikki Allen, Da Affiliates, and Full on Flyhead have their own retail CDs out and their songs have had major radio play. One side note is that we unsuccessfully tried to sign the reggae band Rebelution. We heard them on and wanted to lease their song "Safe and Sound", this was before they got really famous.

The company went beyond the extent of the classroom and a few of us keep it going after the actual class was over. In February 2007 the remaining Bay ENT members got too busy with other projects and decided to go their separate ways so it was disbanded.

The CD is still for sale directly from this website. You can buy them for $8.00 which includes free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Click on a Song to Hear a Sample.

1. Go - Furious 9. Chicken Heads Remix - G-Dub Feat. E-dub
2. Bay Whump - $elf Made Hu$tlaz 10. Boomerang - Jiggsaw
3. I Like the Way - Da Affiliates 11. GetThatDoe - Magichild
4. My Myspace Go - The Trueth 12. Pop a Pill - Da Affiliates
5. Who?! - Nikki Allen 13. Dream - Royalty
6. Scream - 7Leaves 14. Left to Ponder - Eliquate
7. Just Because - Nikki Allen 15. All I Ever Dream (Be With You)- King Wawa
8. Boss a Matic - $elf Made Hu$tlaz 16. Little Man - Full on Flyhead

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