About Me

Jeff grew up in the Bay Area of California and developed a keen interest in computers at an early age. Staying up late into the night he honed his skills on an old monochrome XT 10 MHz 8088 computer his father brought home from work. There was virtually no documentation that came with it so Jeff was forced to learn through trial and error. Hanging out at  Action Computers in Sunnyvale he finally took the plunge and bought his own motherboard cpu combo and built his first computer. Slowly upgrading over the years to new hardware and operating systems he learned an incredible amount through this experience. Building networks and getting programs/games to talk to one another became a driving passion. He bought network gear just to gain the experience of setting it up and getting it to work  

Jeff developed another interest in recording audio at a young age thanks to a tape recorder he received as a Christmas gift. In High School he discovered the joy of playing music after a friend introduced him to the musical works of Carlos Santana. Inspired and pockets full of money from his first job he bought an electric guitar. He soon became fascinated with digital recording and began to record himself and others. While searching for a college to attend he was introduced to Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale, California. It offered a unique 4 year Bachelor degree program that combined digital technology and music. He knew that this was what he was looking for, something both of his talents could be utilized in.