G-Swell at Cogswell

G-Swell was a studio project that was recorded in April of 2005. G-swell consisted of Jeff Hovik (bass & guitar), Manol Manolov (guitar), and David Trounstine (drums). A third song, Greensleeves, was performed for the holidays in December with David being replaced by Jerel Lonnstrom on drums and the addition of Jason Nisperos (chibi-tech) on keyboard.

The goal was to create a couple of songs that I could record to familiarize myself with the recording process both from the stand point of the performer and engineer. This was actually my first real recording in a studio and trying to play at the same time made me realize just how much work is involved. I would not want to try and do this again by myself. I learned so much, both from a recording perspective and as a performer. I learned that click tracks can be your friend and the fact that we didn't use any on Dark Blues or Chicken Wire made it much more difficult for editing certain parts. Guitar tone from the amp is important and we didn't spend much time at all working on that. This was noticeable since we used four different amps that all sounded completely different. Proper drum micing is important and can really make a difference in your mix. We didn't mic the drums very well for the first two songs and as a result it didn't quite have the sound I was hoping for. Yes I could have used a drum replacement program like BFD but it would have taken more time than this project allowed. Over all though I think for what it was it sounds pretty good.

All tracks by G-Swell are featured on the "Collectivity CD, which you can listen to by clicking on the link in the main menu under audio projects.

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